If you are new-ish to wedding planning and stumbled upon the term “decor uplighting”, you might be curious “what is this decor uplighting, of which you speak”? Well, I’ll tell you 🙂

Decor uplighting is a group, cluster, or system of lighting that is used to add atmosphere, and enhance the decor of a setting, whether it be inside of an old rustic structure, or inside the grand hall of a five-star hotel. There are numerous venues in and around Portland, Oregon that would be suitable for uplighting.

I’ve included a rudimentary camera-phone pic of before and after that illustrates how adding decor uplighting can transcend a room.

Top image before adding décor uplights, bottom picture after – THUMP Entertainment, Portland Oregon

The fixtures used in the above image have been upgraded. If you look closely, you’ll notice a gradient color where the center is hot pink and the edges are a bluish-purple. Although pretty, this isn’t common with today’s LED fixtures.

I currently have 20 LED décor uplights, 10 white and 10 black. These battery-powered units reside in a case that doubles as a charging station, and the lights can hold a charge for at least 10 hours of continuous use, more than enough to keep the party rocking.

Décor uplights in the case – THUMP Entertainment, Portland Oregon

My favorite feature of these décor uplight units is that they can receive wireless DMX instruction signals so if we want to make them strobe, pulse, color-fade, or anything else within the capability of these lights, we can do it from a dedicated laptop or Android device.

There are instances where it would be less beneficial to implement 20 décor uplights, such as a pool party, or a wedding reception that is outdoors with string lights over the wood dance floor. In most cases, the lights can be put to great use to highlight features of a room, underhangs, sconces, statues, and more.

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