My name is Patrick Nolan and I am the principal owner of THUMP Entertainment.

Since I was 7, I’ve always had a love for music and beats. Growing up in rural Florida, I listened to AM radio and had exposure to the flavors of the 70s (rock, pop, country). My tastes quickly grew to include funk, pop, dance, and the early beginnings of the hip hop revolution.

My love for music continued to grown. In high school, I inadvertently found myself offering to play music at a few house parties where I used my collection of mixtapes to keep the party rocking. After high school, I began a career in computer technology that kept me occupied through the 80s and 90s. In 1998, I moved my family across the country to the Pacific Northwest to pursue a technical job opportunity.

In the mid-90s I had begun singing karaoke in area bars for fun. In the early 2000s, and having a love for singing karaoke, I decided that I would make a great karaoke host so I ventured out to become one. My first karaoke hosting gig was in SE Portland at an As9an-owned bar. I used the house system and let the patrons select their own songs which they pointed to – the songs were listed in Chinese, Vietnamese, and other languages.

Soon I began working on the westside at the Brass Horn and O’Brien’s Pub in Hillsboro, Oregon. I put in hundreds of hours improving my dance music routines as well as use of the microphone in both singing and making various bar special announcements. In 2003 I was hired to be a DJ for a wedding in Portland and loved it!

At the time I had a rudimentary set of speakers, mixer, and laptop. Over time, I upgraded my equipment, and put in thousands of hours behind the microphone and mixing music. I’ve had the pleasure of playing at least 100 weddings from the Canadian border in northern Washington to southern Oregon.

Today I follow a lot of different styles and genres and stretch my knowledge where possible. I’ve played just about every type of genre from freestyle to pop and mainstream, to club-style, dubstep, and trap, to old-school and new school hip hop, r&b, and dance music.

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