Turn down for what?

Have you ever attended a wedding ceremony and casually observed how many of the guests have their cell phones out, taking either single snaps or video of the wedding in progress? About 8 years ago, this wasn’t really an issue, maybe more of a disposable camera thing. But now, everyone has a cell, and everyone wants to update social media pronto with where they are, and what they are doing.

Some couples this year have made it a point to make sure that the visible distraction of so many people taking phone pics and selfies is minimized or cut out altogether. I have to say, as a cell owner, it is an urge to take that selfie but it borders on “look at me!”, which is not what you want to convey during a wedding ceremony.

Several photographers have made epic social media rants describing why cell-phone photography by guests is a bad idea, for example:

I have to side with this photographer in her complaint. Kindly inform your guests to put down those phones and enjoy the moment as it was meant to be.

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